Alternate Dispute Resolution

There is no question that the judicial process within the GCC suffers from severe inefficiencies and inconsistencies which at times result in undesirable outcomes when considering the actual judgments being issued. The lack of enforceability of such judgments and the sheer amount of time required for judicial proceedings to be completed creates a void in the Clients' deals and losses of money and time.

It is for this reason that a vast number of parties within the GCC have included within their contracts arbitration, conciliation or mediation provisions to ensure a prompt and equitable conclusion of any disputes. The options available for parties, when electing alternate dispute resolutions mechanisms, are a span number of different options, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Understanding the benefits and the drawbacks of each process is essential to any client prior to adopting terms within a given agreement or arrangement.  Almoayed Chambers acts in a number of different capacities with respect to alternate dispute resolution modules.  We readily act as representatives for either claimants or defendants, as experts at arbitration hearing or as arbitrators. Whether legal, emotional, financial, and ethical disputes can be resolved in a confidential, respectful manner, resulting in win-win solutions with cooperative agreements. A dispute or a disagreement within a family, or in an employee arguments, or in corporate conflicts, or in a trade agreements, we at Almoayed Chambers provide mutually satisfactory solutions with our expert advice



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Our Specialists

Our Specialists

    Mr. Aymen Almoayed
    Chairman and Managing Partner

    Member of the Bahrain Bar Association; licensed legal practitioner in the Kingdom of Bahrain; Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; specialized courses at the Institute of Directors; Member of the Advisory Board of the Royal University for Women; Member of the Board of Directors of Bahrain Bourse; Deputy Chairman of the Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Committee of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

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    Ms. Evangeline Canilang
    Chief Projects and Resources Manager; Director of Chairman's Office

    After graduating from the university, Evangeline worked in a pharmaceutical company concurrently as an accountant and executive assistant for almost a year. Prior to joining Almoayed Chambers, she also had over 9 years of combined working experience in prestigious automotive brands, handling the posts of Customer Relations Manager/Financing & Insurance Manager in the Philippines and Service Administration Supervisor in Qatar.

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    Dr. Amr Mahdy Qandeel
    Director - Dispute Resolution Services

    Dr. Amr Mahdy earned his Bachelor's degree in Law in 2001 ranking 21st among the 7,000 graduates. He was given a certificate of appreciation in 2000 from the same university for excellence in civil and commercial proceedings law. He obtained his master's degree in criminal law in 2003 ranking 3rd out of 100 students and another master's degree in procedural law in 2007 ranking 5th out of 300 students.

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